Annine Qvale was born in Oslo the 28th of April 1963. She has her art-education from Oslo Art School (Oslo Kunstfagskole, earlier named Oslo Tegne og Maleskole) from 1983 to 1987 and as guest-student at National Art Academy of Art, Oslo 1988.

Annine Qvale has a long experience as a visual artist with several solo-exhibitions behind her. In 2000 she debuted as a writer with her own drawings, published with the Norwegian publisher Gyldendal. Her stories of the Chestnutpeople (Kastanjefolket) led to several more books, and in 2005 she debuted as an illustrator for other writers, most notably Asbjørnsen and Moe, Rudyard Kipling, The Grimm brothers and the story-collection "2001: The Big Book of Fairytales" (Gyldendal).

She utilizes classical techniques, also as an illustrator; with pencil, india ink, pen, water-colour and acrylic on paper. With painting; acrylic on canvas.

In addition she has several board positions and lectures in the subjects of illustration and visual communication. As of today, she lives and works in Oslo.

Annine Qvale's page at her publisher Gyldendal
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CV (english)

National Academy of Art, Oslo 1988-1989, guest-student
Oslo Art School (Oslo Kunstfagskole, earlier named Oslo Tegne og Maleskole)  1986-1987, under Mange Austad og Torstein Rusdal
Oslo Art School (Oslo Kunstfagskole, earlier named Oslo Tegne og Maleskole)  1983-1986, under Jan Cato Bøtger

Ongoing projects and coming exhibitions:
New illustrated book, with text and drawings by Annine Qvale
Gallery LNM, solo-exhibition. Oslo 2014
National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design. 16 exhibitions within the network of the National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design. 2012-2014
Illustrations of folk-tales, The 200 year anniversary of Asbjørnsen. 
With: Rune Jonan Andersson, Harald Nordberg, Finn Graff, Annine Qvale, Møyfrid Tveit (curator) Ida Strøm Larsen (project-coordinator) and Ellen Leberg (curator).

Ramme gård, Hvitsten. 2007
Villa Fridheim, Krøddern. 2006
Galleri Arcteandria, Oslo. 1994, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007
Arendal Art Society, "Memo-memory" a 100 paintings, Arendal. 1997
Young Artists Society, "Speaker Paradise" in co-operation with Trond Kittelsen og Marianne Tjønn. Oslo 1991
Modum Kunstforening. 1989

Selected group-exhibitions:
Lillestrøm Art Society, Lillestrøm. 2007
Gallery Archtandria, Oslo 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2011
Gallery Grafil, Oslo: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006
Asturp Fearnley Museum, "Prodgedy", Oslo 2001
Galleri Bellmann, Oslo 2001
Gamle Ormelett, Tjøme Kunst og Kultursenter. 1999, 2001
Statens Kunstutstilling, "Høstutstillingen" Oslo 1995, 2002
"Høstustilligens utvalgte”, Hokksund Art Society, Hokksund 1996
Herang, Heggenes in Valdres 1995
UKS Young Artists Society, Oslo 1988, 1989, 2001

Mrs. Pepperpot as Princess Pompadour. Illustrated book. Alf Prøysen/Trond Brænne. Gyldendal 2011Illustration
The Great Book of Mrs. Pepperpot,. Alf Prøysen, Gyldendal 2010  Illustration  
The book of Mrs. Pepperpot. AlfPrøysen. 2010 Illustration
Around the world in 80 days. Jules Verne, J.M Stenersens Forlag 2008 Illustration
The carriers of the books. Illustrated book. Annine Qvale, Gyldendal 2007 Writing/Illustration
The elephant's child and other stories. Rudyard Kippling, Gyldendal 2007 Illustration
The bathrobe-animal. Jan Deberitz, Damm 2006  Illustration 
The Great Book of Fairytales. Asbjørnsen og Moe, H. C. Andersen, Brødrene Grimm, Rudyard Kippling, 1001 Nights, Gyldendal 2005 Illustration
Formula and Pi to the bay of waterlilies. Illustrated book. Annine Qvale, Gyldendal 2004  Writing/Illustration 
Spring with the Chestnutpeople. Illustrated book. Annine Qvale, Gyldendal 2002 Writing/Illustration 
The Chestnutpeople. Illustrated book. Annine Qvale, Gyldendal, 2000 Writing/Illustration 

The Great Book of Christmas. Gyldendal 2011 Illustration
Made to live (Liv Laga). Svein Bøhn, Cato Schiøtz, Peter Normann Wage, Arneberg frlg. 2010 Writer
The Great Book of Rhyme and Jingle. Tinken Laurantzon. J. M Stenersens Forlag 2010  Illustration
In his tracks. Forlaget Dreyer 2010  Illustration
Christmas with Prøysen, Gyldendal 2008  Illustration
The Great Princessbook for Children. Tinken Laurantzon, J.M. Stenersens Forlag 2006  Illustration
The Great Goodnight-book for Children. Tinken Laurantzon, J.M. Stenersen 2006  Illustration

Scenery-images in the short-film "Under the Blouse" (Orig. title "Under blusen").  Butterfly AS Lise Alsvik & Christina Andreassen 1999

Various commisions:
Aschehoug Forlag (Publisher)
Cappelen Damm (Publisher)
Musikkoperatørene AS (Music-distributor)
Musikkforlaget Grappa (Music-publisher)

Grants and awards:
The Great Book of Mrs. Pepperpot. Diploma for 'the most beautiful books of the year' 2011
Various grants, Norwegian organisation for child-/youth-literature (Norske Barne- og Undomsbokfortattere) 2010
National Artgrant. 1999, 2003, 2005
Norwegian National Art-council, Project-support. 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007
Vederlagsfondet. 2004
Norwegian Illustration fund: Bologna-grant 2003
Norwegian National Art-council, debutant-grant 1994

Norwegian Artist Organisation (Norske Billedkunstnere). Committee of nominations, vara 2011 - 2013
KEM Artist-run materialshop, boardmember 2004 -
National Society of Norwegian Painters (LNM), Chairman 2007–2010
National Society of Norwegian Painters (LNM), Boardmember 2004- 2007
Member of art-jury for KEMs debutant-award at The Autumn-show (Høstustillingen); 2005, 2006, 2009
Member of art-jury. Einar Granums Kunstpris 2010, 2009
Young Artists Society (UKS). Art-jury for drawing 1989 – 1991

Teaching positions:
Einar Granum Art School: Illustration/drawing. November 2010 and 2011
Einar Granum Art School: Illustration/visual communication. March2011

LNM National Society of Norwegian Painters (Landsforeningen Norske Malere)
The Association of Drawing (Tegnerforbundet NBK)
Norwegian Organistation of child-/youthliterature NBU (Norske Barne og Ungdomsbokforfattere)
Writer's centre (Forfattersentrum)

Works aquired (sold) to collections:
Municipality of Bærum. 2007
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. 2005
Ringnes Art-collection. 2001
Her Majesty Queen Sonia. 2001
Municipality of Arendal. 1997

In addition, most of Annine Qvales books, are availible/aqcuired by the Norwegian library network,